-17.05.2019: Added parallax scrolling; I think the way I did it is not very efficient, but at least it works...Still having troubles with the CSS Stylesheet
-16.05.2019: I revisited the page today, having been a little frustrated because it ceased to work as intended quite some time ago. I have not found the issue yet, but I had my fun, might return to doing this
-06.09.2018: Revised the look of the page, I've seperated the columns and added white outlines. I think the style of neon-light-like outlines suits the page. I've also integrated more into the styles.css file
-27.08.2018: I've reworked the page design, now the Top Navigation bar (imo) looks better, and the side navigation works as I intended it originally
-22.05.2018: New article hot and humid weather - a basic guide
-22.05.2018: I've now added a "Tricks & Tricks"-Section
-21.05.2018: Now with special h1 and h2 fonts
-28.04.2018: New article
Morning Hike up Masada