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Altough still being a student, it appears that I have been around a bit for my age. Unlike most other travellers I find it really hard to find a sort of place that I like over most others, the only thing that I can say is that I don't like being in overly touristic centers, hence the name of the blog (which is latin by the way). With this website I am aiming for three things, first of which obviously being to share my experiences and actually helping other people out there. For that I need two others skills, which I will be practising automatically, being Website-Programming and writing in English (cool, right?). Because this is only a small project/hobby at the moment, you probably shouldn't expect any super long articles at the moment, altough I will try to write longer and more extensive articles in the future. I hope that you can have just as much fun with this website as I have.

Colourful boats in Eilat

I took this picture while in Eilat, Israel

Besides that there is not a lot left to be said at the moment. As the number of articles will grow in the future, I will make sure that everything stays clean and can be easily found from this site. In case you wonder, what sort of places I've been to, you will find a map with my flights below.

The airports I've been to are specifically marked. A black line means one flight on the route, a blue one two flights, then the lines get yellow, orange, red, green and brown respectively. Airports I have been to 4 or more times were also marked.

So that's that. As you can see there is not too much to be seen at the moment. That is mostly because I am aiming to first get a basic system programmed, which will then allow me to simply write my text. If you're interested, make sure to check back every now and then, or why not write a E-mail with your criticism (and maybe praise) to the webmaster?